How Does It Work?

Image upscaling is the process of enlarging a picture while maintaining its quality. It's like solving a small image puzzle and then making it bigger without the pieces becoming blurry. Tracejourney Upscale uses complex algorithms to analyze the details and patterns in the image. It then recreates missing information to fill in the gaps when increasing the size. This process enhances the image resolution, making it appear larger and sharper as if you had a bigger puzzle to begin with.

Step 1: Press the Upscale Button

To receive your image in increased resolution and quality, click the "Upscale" button.

Press the Upscale Button

Step 2: Select the Upscale Factor

Clicking the button allows you to select a value that determines the level by which the resolution of the final image will be increased.

Select Upscale Factor

Step 3: Download the Upscaled Image

Tracejourney will reply with a "Download" button. Please click the button and download your image within 24 hours.

Download the Upscaled Image from Tracejourney

Size Limits

Upscale works with image files that are below 5 MB in size and 2 megapixels in resolution.