Manage Subscription

Manage Subscription

Step 1: Open Discord

Launch Discord and navigate to a server where the Tracejourney Bot is present.

Step 2: Open Chat Input

Locate the chat input box at the bottom of the Discord interface. This is where you will enter commands.

Step 3: Start Command

Begin typing the command by entering a forward slash ("/").

Step 4: Enter Command

After the forward slash, type "info" to initiate the "/info" command.

Step 6: Execute Command

Press Enter or click on the send button to execute the command.

Step 7: View Stats

Tracejourney will reply with an overview. You can see Subscription Status, Your Credits, and how many jobs it completed for you.

Step 8: Manage your Subscription

In case you need to make changes or cancel your subscription, click the "Manage Subscription" button. A new tab will open where you can make all the necessary changes.